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Desktop Tool to DeepFake (Face Swap) any Video

Desktop Tool to DeepFake (Face Swap) any Video

Well if you were impressed by face recognition algorithms that many smartphones today use to unlock your phone, then you will sure as hell will be surprised by what this software can do with the help of AI Algorithms.

The software is in news right now and gained some attention - not mainly for good reasons! It is something called DeepFake and for uninitiated, it basically allows face swapping.

But wait, we have seen face swapping before! At a low level we have seen it on the Instagram app, we have seen it on the Snapchat but this thing allows some pretty high level face swapping. It uses machine learning to face swap videos. Now, in the past you needed a little bit of knowledge of coding and an understanding of how all this stuff works to be able to work with it but a user on Reddit @deepfakeapp created this application that totally simplified the process - you basically shove some images into this thing, it uses your GPU and as a final product you get a fake video.

So, this particular application is called FakeApp and it does three things -

1. Extraction - It identifies and pulls faces out of your source files and then take a snapshot of them.
2. Train - The second thing this app does is something called Train and this is where the magic happens. This is where the deep learning takes your reference images from different facial angles, different facial expressions, lightning conditions and a whole bunch of different type of facial images and through deep learning it creates a model. This process takes a very long time. Basically the longer it runs for the better the image quality will be.
3. Converting - Now the last thing it does is converting, and this is where it takes the model that's created and creates still images with that model and voila you have your deepfake.
Compile them to make your DeepFake video!

Couple of things to note before you go DeepFaking with FakeApp-
  • First of all you need NVIDIA Graphics Card. It won't work with AMD Card, it needs CUDA Cores and that too, too many of them i.e. you need a powerful NVIDIA GPU.
  • Secondly, and the big one - be responsible with your content. Obviously you can do some fun stuff with it but you can do some terrible malicious stuff as well. So, just be responsible, understand that this is people's privacy.

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